30 Min Stress Relax and Renew Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage


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Includes – Your back, neck, shoulders and scalp with the use of blended aromatherapy relaxation oils and hot stones

Stress relief is one of the first benefits that come to mind when thinking of massage therapy. It’s also a key component for anyone trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Clinical studies show that even a single ½-hour massage treatment can lower your heart rate, cortisol levels and insulin levels — all of which explain why massage therapy and stress relief go hand-in-hand.

By adding massage to your routine, you’ll feel, look and simply be healthier far into the future. In fact, stress relief alone can improve your vitality and state of mind. So what better way to prep for a long, happy life than a relaxing, massage? Enjoy your’s today or add this on to any Facial treatment.

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